Aorta Life Cycle Model

Aorta Life Cycle Model

The aorta life cycle model is a software development method according to the waterfall model, but after each cycle is a feedback to the customer site.

History of the Aorta Life Cycle Model

In the eighties and nineties, many life cycle models were introduced. What these models have in common is [...]

Agile Scrum

Scrum (Software Development Method)

The Scrum Technique

Scrum is a framework for an agile management of software development. It works as multidisciplinary teams that work in short sprints (iterations) delivering working software. Cooperation, communication and team spirit are the key words for this technique. The term Scrum is derived from rugby, where the players are [...]

Iterative Application Development

Iterative Application Development (IAD) is a software development method which users and designers see as equal partners. The I stands for developing in iterations (iterative), along with the user (interactive) and gradually expand to a larger utility (incremental).


Iterative development model

IAD Benefits Disadvantages Development Phases and activities Definition Study Pilot Development [...]

Software Development Method

The three known basic patterns in software development are the waterfall, spiral, and prototyping. A software development method is a method you used in software development. This is known as software or software lifecycle process called.

Software Development Methodologies

Why are there so many software development methodologies? The answers vary, but many companies have difficulties [...]

The Waterfall Model Basics Explained

The Waterfall Model

A short video to explain the basic steps of the Waterfall Model. Here is a short explanation about how the Waterfall Model works. With a small video it might be easier to understand the steps and in which order you have to make them. This is the basic and the oldest method. [...]

Agile Software Development PART 1

Agile Software Development

Agile software development is a conceptual framework for undertaking software development projects as an alternative to traditional methods. The word agile means nimble, agile.


1 Introduction

2 History

Agile Software Development

2.1 Agile methods

2.2 Agile Manifesto

3 Characteristics of the methods

3.1 Iterations

3.2 Communication

3.3 Progress

4 Criticism